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Congratulations! You Are About to Take the 1st Step Toward Accelerating Your Progress & Being Able to Play the Guitar the Way You Truly Want to Be Able to Play It.

In order to help me to create the most effective personalized strategy for your success, and to give me as much to work with as possible to prepare for your free Strategy Session, please tell me as much about yourself, your goals, your hopes, & your dreams as you possibly can.

Please be detailed. One-word answers won't enable me to give you the best help I can give you, and they definitely won't help YOU advance. The more I know about what you want to be able to do, the more directly I can help you to carve your own custom path to get there.

Also - don't limit your goals and aspirations to what you might think is "realistic" at the moment - describe your perfect, ideal situation! If you want to be the best guitarist in history, say it. If you want to sell out stadium concerts, sell millions of albums, become world famous, or anything else that real people have done, then you know it is possible because it has been done before - so tell me!

  • (Lessons Currently Offered for Ages 14 and Over Only. 
    If you are under 18, please only fill out this form if your
    parent(s) and/or guardian(s) have already contacted
    me by phone
    at 240-230-ROCK (7625) to schedule your free
    Guitar Playing Transformation Coaching Session.)
  • - -
  • (if no, just type n/a)
  • If so, please list which one(s) and for how long.
  • If another student referred you, please give their first and last name so I know to give them their additional bonus lessons.


    In this next section, please tell me as much as you can about yourself, your dreams and your aspirations.
  • (We may or may not cover this topic immediately.)
  • (Please post YouTube video URLs if they are available.)
  • Let your imagination guide you. THINK BIG - small goals are uninspiring and won't provide you with much fuel.
  • (ie, How good do you WISH you could get? Again, answer according to your dreams, not a limited version according to what you may feel is "realistic")
  • (e.g., Play packed stadiums? World Tours? Large Concert Halls? Perform at church? Small club gigs? Play only in the privacy of your home or among friends and family?)
  • (For example, Do you want to write your own songs? Do you want to record and release your own CD's, join a band, start a band, write amazing guitar solos, etc? Do you just want to record your own music at home and share the mp3s on Facebook and Soundcloud?)
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