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The Guitar Encyclopedia You Can Play, Practice, & Jam Along To

Where scale & chord encyclopedias fall short, ShredMentor's Guitar Practice Tools allow you to interact with the visual references you use, & customize them to your specific goals.


Over the years of playing and teaching the guitar, I have encountered a lot of different guitar-related gadgets and software, but in my search for effective guitar practice tools, have always found each one to be severely lacking in some way...

  • Sometimes the system made sense but the interface was unintuitive and undermined its effectiveness.
  • Sometimes the basic strategy was there but there was nothing to indicate what to practice specifically.
  • Sometimes there would be web-based scheduling tools that seemed useful on the surface but which were rendered ineffective & awkward to use by not fitting into the standard 7-day week that most of us use to schedule our lives.
  • Sometimes the graphic interface looked cool, but the whole system was shot-through with graphs and progress diagrams based on made-up, arbitrary values (like "level 1, 2, 3, etc), completely overlooking personal progress, which is relative.
  • Sometimes the exercises were cool but there was no way to practice my own ideas with the given practice tool.
  • Yet at other times, the exercises were SO standardized that it sucked the inspiration right out of me.
  • Some of the tools claiming to be the "best" failed to deliver the goods - just a whole lot of salesmanship & elitist posturing with very little actual substance.
  • Sometimes the software would make nice-looking tablature, but its timing wasn't reliable coming out of the count-in.
  • Sometimes I just wished I had a bigger diagram of some scale or sweep arpeggio pattern that I'd drawn out on a fretboard chart.
  • Or, sometimes I just wanted a blank fretboard, tab, or other customized guitar chart so that I could let my creativity run wild and simply jot it down as I went along.
  • There was barely ever any indication of how long to spend practicing different skills, and certainly nothing describing how to apply them in a musical way.
  • And in every case, the cheesy MIDI playback sucked the life out of what I was playing - if there was even any sound at all beyond a glorified metronome. I wanted to play real music.

Thoroughly disappointed, I began searching for websites, software, and hardware/gear, on a quest to finally find a decent set of practice tools that I could access from any computer or mobile phone with internet access, from anywhere in the world, and get access to all of the same guitar practice tools I'm used to using at home, ranging from tablature and diagrams to drum machine patterns and backing tracks...

...Any scale I wanted to learn better or sweep arpeggio I want, with a variety of accompanying audio players available to play along to...Or a simple backing track to help me get a better understanding of a chord change I'm soloing over...and came up empty-handed.


So I decided to create it myself, combining all the best features into one convenient, easy-to-access place - the perfect set of practice tools for all skill levels, to help my students and ME, personally, to practice along to from anywhere in the world.


And now YOU, too, can maximize the results you get from your practice time.







"When a teacher has a system that shows you how to practice guitar, the element of "talent" is eliminated. By this, I mean that everyone can learn to play like this regardless of any perceived natural ability.

But even more important, the practice exercises are musical and fun. I had an immediate revived motivation to practice. Things started to click and new ideas presented themselves based on my lessons. The techniques I learned were really just a spring board for creating my own riffs and finding my own style. My visualization of the fret board expanded, my improvisation skills improved, and my musical vocabulary exploded.

Learning to play guitar starts with your mind, not your fingers. As Jason told me before, "Difficulty is just unfamiliarity". Once you realize this, what used to be "impossible" is now just a hurdle that can be overcome."

Matthew Gordon,
Private Student & Early User of Guitar Practice Tools Beta




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Here's just some of what you'll get with the ShredMentor Guitar Practice Tools:


Floating HTML5 Backing Track Media Players

As you scroll down the page, the backing tracks/beats will actually stay put on the sidebar so they're always within reach.

That way you can change tracks without having to scroll up to the top & lose your place on the page.

PLUS, you can load & play a beat AND a drone simultaneously so you can train your ears and practice harmonizing with any root note along to any drum beat.



Intuitive Practice Tools Interface

Sorted by skill set, the complete directory of ShredMentor guitar practice tools makes it easy to find the right tool for your specific musical goals, with a checklist of tips to point you in the right direction so you can practice more effectively and get better results, faster.



Mobile-Friendly Site

Using your smartphone, you can even practice on the go, from anywhere in the world!



Fretboard Highlights

Stay focused on the specific part of the scale you're playing, and never get lost on the fretboard again!


Filter Backing Drum Beats by Style/Genre

With so many backing beats, & with so many more being added every week, finding the right type of beat to play along to can sometimes get overwhelming. But YOU know what kind of music you want to play - and you can narrow down the types of beats displayed so you can find the perfect "feel" to compliment your style!



Browse By Skill Category

You can browse through all of the practice tools & other site content for the ones that will help you with the specific skills you want to develop.


Multiple Uses for Most Tools

Keeping your music interesting means combining your skills. Since very few skills fall squarely into just one category, you'll find several of the same ShredMentor Guitar Practice Tools & other content in multiple categories, so you can see at-a-glance several additional ways you can also use them to benefit your musicianship.



Dedicated Backing Tracks Tool Lets You Apply Your Skills & Improvise More Musically

Aside from the backing drum beats featured with most practice tools, there is also a dedicated Backing Tracks Tool that even lets you filter the list by key.

That way you can get out of just playing in "exercise mode" all the time & start making actual music with the scales, arpeggios, & other patterns you learn all over the neck so you can play confidently in every key.



Structure Your Practice Time to Get Better Results

Your student account also features a Practice Routine Optimizer that helps you accomplish more in each practice session by setting specific daily goals, then going in with a game plan & staying focused.




Know What to Practice Every Day of the Week

You can cover more ground & accelerate your progress by adding specific skills to your optimized weekly schedule on alternating days.



100% Customizable, with Demonstration Videos

It's not only completely customizable but will also serve as a checklist to remind you what to practice, how, & for how long so you don't waste more time than you need to. Plus short demonstration videos on most practice items will show you exactly how to practice it to get the best results & to avoid common mistakes.



Bookmark Your Favorite Tools

The ShredMentor Guitar Practice Tools also feature "Practice This" links so you can access them all from your student home page instead of having to navigate or search to find them each time.

Plus, you can even add a note to yourself when bookmarking each Guitar Practice Tool to remind yourself what to stay focused on next time.



Built for Guitar Speed Training

As you might expect from something called the ShredMentor Guitar Practice Tools, each Practice Tool was designed with speed training principles in mind to help you increase your playing speed for every skill, concept, sequence, & fretboard pattern that you practice.

No matter what style you play, if your goal is to drop jaws when you play & be able to confidently rip up the fretboard, these tools were made for you.


The ShredMentor Practice Tools Suite is the same exact set of tools that my ShredMentor students use in their classes, private lessons, and at home to get faster, more focused results in their practice, and they're the same tools that I personally use in my own practice to keep my playing fast, efficient, rhythmically tight, and most importantly, musical and expressive.


ALL of these features are built in, giving YOU the tools you need to help you grow as a musician so you command respect whenever anyone hears you play.


And to make ABSOLUTELY SURE you get the MAXIMUM benefit from the ShredMentor Guitar Practice Tools, you will also get a FREE 15-minute consultation with me when you sign up, and I will PERSONALLY set up your personal Guitar Practice Tools in your account to get you started working toward accomplishing your specific playing goals.


Click Here to Start Getting the Results You Want NOW with ShredMentor Guitar Practice Tools


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