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Standard/Traditional Guitar Lessons not doing the trick?

* Have you been struggling to make real progress, even with guitar lessons?

* Is your goal to become a high-caliber guitarist, but the things you're practicing don't seem to be getting you anywhere?

If so, rest assured you're not the only one.


For some goals, traditional lessons are just fine (especially for younger children).

But for getting really good.... well, that's pretty hard to do when you're stuck in the 1st position on the fretboard.

And it's even less likely to happen when you have very clear ideas about what kind of guitarist you want to become (like a virtuoso, for example). You're not going to get that out of standardized lessons.

The real problem is in lessons even being standardized in the first place - you're not a clone or a robot. Lessons made "for all" have no chance of addressing your specific goals. They leave out the most important part - YOU.

Which is why what you really need is training, not teaching. They're not really synonyms:

* Teaching is conveying information, like in a school classroom.

* Training is personalized guidance with a strategy and actionable steps which are completely defined by your specific goals, like a personal trainer in a gym.

See the HUGE difference?

One fills just your mind, one TRAINS your mind and body together - it trains your mind to control your body - your coordination.

And while guitar playing is entirely mental on a certain level, it only works (and sounds good) when you're physically doing it well, with control and coordination.

Which is what we all really want when we think "I want to play the guitar!" - we really mean "I want to ROCK on the guitar!


If you KNEW you could, you want that too, don't you?


So if you're serious about your guitar playing and want to start playing better, faster, more cleanly and more musically - with CONTROL - CLICK HERE NOW!


Or call Jason NOW at 240-230-ROCK (7625)








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