Student Testimonials

Fabian Rauter of Theotoxin, Student
Vienna, Austria

"Before taking lessons with Jason, I had already been seriously playing guitar for a decade. I learned a lot along the way and played in bands before, but I still wanted to refine and perfect my technique.

Within about 2-3 months, I was actually playing all the technically demanding riffs that motivated me seek out Jason in the first place. The reason is that Jason breaks down the difficult sweeps, picking and legato riffs so that you can practice it methodically.

When a teacher has a system that shows you how to practice guitar, the element of "talent" is eliminated. By this, I mean that everyone can learn to play like this regardless of any perceived natural ability.

But even more important, the practice exercises are musical and fun. I had an immediate revived motivation to practice. Things started to click and new ideas presented themselves based on my lessons. The techniques I learned were really just a spring board for creating my own riffs and finding my own style. My visualization of the fret board expanded, my improvisation skills improved, and my musical vocabulary exploded.

Learning to play guitar starts with your mind, not your fingers. As Jason told me before, "Difficulty is just unfamiliarity". Once you realize this, what used to be "impossible" is now just a hurdle that can be overcome."

Matthew Gordon, Student
Maryland, USA

"Before I started taking lessons with Jason, I saw guitar lessons as being very generic with minimal contribution to my skill level without much advancement to where I wanted to be as a guitarist. I now understand how important it is to find the right teacher and that when doing so the results are much more gratifying.

My favorite thing about the lessons is that Jason actually listens to what you have to say and figures out what is best for you personally, as opposed to an ordinary assembly line type class. After taking lessons with Jason, I now have a better understanding of scales and how to use them properly. Plus, I've learned sweeping technique, as well as how to get faster results by using a more productive practice schedule.

Jason is a phenomenal guitarist with a great approach to teaching along with awesome communication skills that are imperative to becoming the guitarist that you want to be.

Jason is also an awesome person in general. He takes his job very seriously and although he is a bad ass guitarist he doesn't have an ego or act like he is above his students. His teaching enviroment is comfortable but no nonsense at the same time because he genuinely cares to see his students get to where they want to be as a guitarist."

Michael Quillen of Anti Life Equation, Student
Maryland, USA

"Before taking guitar lessons with Jason, I thought that actually playing inspiring music was something that would take years of practice and an intimidating effort to master the basics, which can be boring. Jason's teaching style has shown me that mastering basic skills is important, but that you can move to more complicated and fun material while you constantly review the basic building blocks of music. With Jason, having fun and being inspired by music come first.

Jason has a way of simplifying very complicated tasks that make them seem achievable. One example is memorizing the fretboard. Before meeting Jason, I never thought I would be able to accurately name all 132 notes on my guitar. Now, I'm on my way and I'm 100% sure that I'll get there.

My favorite thing about the lessons is the way that we apply skills towards playing real music, music that you could hear on a cd or in a concert. My previous lessons applied all the skills I learned to very simple chord progressions that were uninspiring. Through my lessons with Jason, I now understand the importance of palm muting, and I understand how to write coherent solos using target tones.

Jason makes being the guitar player you want to be seem achievable. He shows you that music doesn't have to be intimidating. He inspires you to inspire yourself."

Joshua Walker, Student
Maryland, USA

"Before I started lessons with Jason, I wasn't crazy about lessons because after maybe two years of lessons with my last teacher, I didn't think I was very good - I felt I should have been better. I had no concept of how sweep picking was done or of how to write a solo."

But with these lessons, things are explained and I find myself capable of new things soon after they are taught to me. I can now do sweep arpeggios, I've written a couple of solos now, and I am much more fluid with alternate picking and capable of playing faster and more complicated things.

Honestly, I wish I had more time so I could take an additional class. A lot of our practice exercises are our own creations, which is very important for me when I want to write my own songs.

If you want to play like your favorite guitarist, Jason can teach you how to play any way you want. These lessons make sense and will make you better. And more importantly, you will be playing and learning to play metal."

Brandon M., Student
Maryland, USA

"Before I started taking guitar lessons with Jason, I viewed guitar lessons as a waste of time that did not fulfill my needs to learn guitar, and were not directed to the style of music that I would like to play. Jason has provided me with with a vast library of musical and guitar knowledge, and has expanded my viewpoint of playing guitar substantially. He teaches me what I want to learn, which was the fall of my last guitar lessons. To even more benefit was the amount of knowledge and ability to explain things which have helped me.

The ultimate goal of mine a long time ago was sweep picking - which is muscle memory now since beginning lessons with Jason. Before I started I was neglected of rhythm and understanding how to incorporate it into my playing, which is pretty much the foundation of music. The lessons have improved my understanding of all the elements which evenly play a role into my playing rather than just "speed! speed! speed!"

My favorite thing about my lessons with Jason is the Rotating Format which is great and has helped me a lot. The ShredMentor website is an amazing website, and the fact you get one on one attention along with group collaboration helps in every sense of playing.

I have been taking guitar lessons with Jason for quite some time now after searching for a guitar teacher who could teach me how to play metal. He has broadened my view of playing guitar and has introduced me to many topics which have helped me in my playing. Plus, as opposed to before, I enjoy playing guitar now. You won't be wasting your money if you would like to actually learn metal/technical guitar playing."

Dominic Ess, Student
Maryland, USA

"After just a few months of lessons, honestly it's already made a difference in how I look at solo writing."

Bobby Tufino of Hypgnostic, Student
Dallas, Texas, USA

"Thanks man, I was not expecting such positive feedback. But sure you can share my track on the ShredMentor page, I owe my playing to you. You have enabled me to speak. I cannot thank you enough.

Pascal Biron"

Pascal Biron, Student
California, USA

"Before I started, I really didn't know what to expect; this was my first guitar lesson ever. I definitely thought it would be a lot slower as far as actually beginning to play and even getting into reading tabs. I expected to be very confused and unaware of what I was actually doing."

That changed because right from the beginning I was playing a song which gave me the confidence that I needed when picking up a guitar. I felt like it was possible to learn this faster than I thought it would take me, and actually feel like what I was doing was done correctly. I feel that the style of teaching is made personal for the person learning, which means a better and faster learning process, which is accomplished in many ways, verbally, visually, through audio, and of course hands-on.

Through my lessons with Jason I've learned how to properly manuever on the guitar, and how to handle going up and down the fretboard. I've always said "how the hell do they do that?" - Well now I know. Although I have not nearly mastered the fretboard, now I understand what it takes and where to even begin the process to obtain that entrancing metal sound.

One of my favorite things of the lessons (which is also challenging) is the variation of lessons - which I believe is how the progress is made so rapidly. I also like that there are different types of lessons that are more specific to particular types of playing.

Shred Mentor Jason is an excellent teacher with more than enough patience for teaching. He is very approachable with tons of knowledge on not just thrashing but also a wide variety of types and styles of playing throughout different cultures around the world. The lessons are made very clear and simplified so that the learning is more encouraging, and as the playing advances so does the lesson so there is no wall of, "Now what?"

If you are ready to really learn how to play the guitar then these are the lessons you want to take."

Carlos Lopez, Student
Maryland, USA

"I have been playing guitar for close to 20 years, taken lessons, played in bands, etc. I have improved more in the last few months, under Jason's wing, than I have since the first year I spent holed up in my room with my new instrument, hell bent on learning how to play a song. Jason teaches technique, theory, and how to practice, in a balanced, undertstandable, and most importantly, attainable way. I look forward to my lessons and practicing what I learned each week. And I'm more excited about playing and more confident with the guitar than I've ever been.

Jason bills himself as a shred teacher, and that he is. But his knowledge of the instrument is so extensive that he can really gear the lessons towards whatever it is you are looking to learn. I am more of a classic rock/old school metal guy and the lessons have fit right in and built on everything I've ever learned.

If you want to learn to play, or just want to get better, Jason is the man."

Brad Brown, Student
Maryland, USA

"I had never really taken guitar lessons before starting lessons with Jason. I did not know what to expect, because learning the guitar is such an intense subject.

Now I have a better understanding of how I should approach playing the guitar. These lessons have helped me immensely become a better guitar player. I have developed a better sense of rhythm and timing, begun to understand music theory in relation to the guitar, and I have now begun writing my own songs, which was impossible with out Jason's help.

There are so many things that I enjoy about my lessons, but I really like developing my techniques, because that helps me in many other aspects of my playing.

It is pretty simple. To learn or develop your understanding with any subject, you go to school. If you are serious about developing your skills, then you should take formal lessons, because you will learn so much each week. If you want to be a better guitar player then you should see Jason. Whether you want to just be the guy who covers songs on Youtube or someone who wants to join a band, Jason can work with you to be a better player."

Andreus Narain, Student
Washington, DC, USA

"The more I learn from Jason, the more I want to continue learning. It's been really exciting to build my chops and learn what goes into making the music that I love and music in general."

"Before I started I figured that the lessons would be more standardized or rigid. Before I even started my first lesson, Jason had me answer questions to help him create a musical "profile" for me to create a plan of attack to suit my goals."

Benjamin Schneider, Student
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

"I had never really played the guitar before I started lessons with Jason, but it is not as complicated as I thought it originally was. Now, I've gotten much better, my understanding of music theory has broadened, and my favorite part is that I get to play with others."

Alex Luce, Student
Maryland, USA

"I have learned a lot from my lessons with Jason, the biggest benefits being how to create a good practice schedule, learning scales, and speed playing. Most of all I like actually getting to play what we're practicing."

JeanPaul Tauler, Student
Maryland, USA

"Jason gives top notch lessons. Whether you are looking to improve on theory or speed training, he provides you with all the tools to take your playing the next level. His ShredMentor website is also a huge resource to supplement the lessons. Materials from classes are posted online as well as backing tracks to put your exercises into musical context.

Above all though, I think the thing that sets Jason apart is that he genuinely cares about his students and their playing. With Jason you don't just get a teacher, you truly get a mentor."

Ray Lamb, Student
Maryland, USA

"I've been taking lessons with Jason off and on for a year and a half, and I would enthusiastically recommend his services to anyone interested in learning to play guitar. His knowledge of music theory and guitar techniques is impressive, but more important is his ability to present information in a clear, concise way so that you learn just enough to advance your playing week by week without being overloaded with new information.

Before taking lessons I tried learning from various books, but I felt like I was just copying the exercises on the page with no real understanding of how to put those notes together into something practical. With Jason I feel like I'm really learning how music works, and I can take the knowledge I've gained to create my own exercises and, ultimately, my own music."

Tim Hackman, Student
Maryland, USA

"Before this class, I didn't know a thing about soloing. But now I realize that it's much easier than it looks. Thanks to Jason, I'm learning the secrets and techniques behind the art of soloing."

"My perceptions about soloing before I began this program was that it took years and years of practice to be able to write a real guitar solo. That changed when Jason taught us how to solo over chord progressions, the importance of using multiple soloing techniques, scales and their various modes when soloing."

"I would definitely recommend Jason’s lesson programs to anyone else who wants to learn to play the guitar."

Hunter Kristy, Student
New York, USA

"Before I started, I was just like, 'This is a cool instrument - I want to learn how to play it.' Taking lessons from Jason has changed the meaning of guitar for me from an instrument to an art form.

I would definitely recommend Jason to anyone who wants to get better at playing the guitar."

Ryland Heagy, Student
Maryland, USA

"To all guitarists wanting to learn or just want to get better - don't waste your time with boring music teachers, go to Jason Aaron Wood. I did and he showed me a new way of playing that really works. He's a cool guy that understands what you need in your playing skills to excel your guitar playing at any level."

Dewey Hoke, Student
Maryland, USA